About Ohana


Ohana Consultants is not founded on a secret formula for accomplishment, it is the foundation of values that bind a business and make it unbreakable.  

Ohana began from a simple concept, we want to utilize our skills to help new and small businesses succeed in a marketplace that is dominated by large chains and online marketplaces. 

Amongst the team, they have worked in several avenues of business including sales, digital and traditional marketing, customer service, management, merchandising, video production, and much, much more. They have worked with companies like Hershey's, The San Diego Chargers, SolarCity, McAfee, Sony, Urban Outfitters, Halo Pet Food and Lids as well as several small start ups. They know how business works from the smallest or start ups to the biggest of industry leaders.

Our passion is with the small business. We love helping people succeed and providing more for their families. We aren't here to make the rich richer, we are here to grow your small business, and possibly even send your family on a vacation you didn't think was previously possible. 

No matter what, we care about you and your business. We will put everything we have into helping your business succeed and get to the next level. We will treat it is if it is out own.